Unfortunately Little Stars Play and Stay Group is currently unable to operate. As soon as the situtaion changes we will let everyone know. Apologies and thank you. 


If you are a parent or carer of a young disabled baby or child you are not alone. Little Stars is a welcoming and exceptional support group that can really help


Little Stars is a confidential, safe and nurturing parent group for parents and carers of disabled children, or for those who have recently had a young child diagnosed with a disability or condition. The group is specifically aimed at children from birth to five years to offer the earliest support possible. It is very welcoming and supports parents and carers, ensuring they are not alone. It’s run by parents who understand the challenge of caring for a child with a disability and aims to offer unique support not only to the child but also to the wider family.  

Other benefits include visits from other groups and specialists, early years support and opportunities to meet other health representatives.