Commemorate a loved one

Making a donation in memory of a loved one is a positive way of commemorating a life and there are a few ways that you can arrange for donations to be made to White Lodge.

  • Funeral collections

You could collect donations in lieu of flowers at a funeral or memorial service.  We can help by providing special collection envelopes.  These make it easy for friends and family to make a donation and include the option to gift aid and help raise more for White Lodge.  Once we have received the money raised at the collection we will send a thank you letter and let you know how much has been raised in memory of your loved one.

  • Online Tribute Funds

There are very effective and impactful ways that you can capture positive memories of loved ones you have lost by using dedicated online services. There are a few out there but one which we recommend is a service called Much Loved.

This is a special memorial website in tribute to your loved one, where you can share memories, thoughts and stories with family and friends as well as light candles, add music, photos and videos.

You can collect fundraising donations for a special charity or project in their name, organise events, celebrate anniversaries – and much more. White Lodge is set up as one of the charities on their site and you can connect to us via this link.

Once you have personalised your page and sent it out to your friends and family, any donations in memory will come direct to White Lodge and we can capture how much has been raised overall.

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