Date: 17 Aug 2024
Location: Dorney Lake, Windsor

What is the Superhero Tri?         

The Superhero Tri is a triathlon with a difference, it enables those with a disability to take part in a large sporting event.  Like a traditional triathlon it includes a swim, a cycle, and a run but unlike a traditional triathlon, every team must have at least one competitor with a disability and can use whatever gadgets and equipment needed to help all the team members around the course.  Superheroes will have a team of Sidekicks (family, friends etc) to support them.  Superhero’s can do as little or as much of the course as they’d like to.  Sidekicks can support Superhero’s throughout and take over any areas Superheroes choose not to do.  It’s enabling, it’s inclusive and it’s massively inspiring!

Time to team up:
Unite with family and friends to complete a swim, a run and a cycle in this unique triathlon.  Anyone can enter, as long as there’s at least one person with a disability in your team.  

Anything goes:
You can bring any kind of equipment you might need to help you complete your challenge; from floats to boats, trikes to bikes, walkers to wheelchairs - anything goes!

What people say about it:

"just about the most uplifting and inclusive event I have ever been involved with."

"it was very much an inspirational day"

"so proud to be part of this amazing experience."

Super sponsorship:
Target sponsorship - £600 per team.

Come and join our Cheer Squad!
This is an open invitation to everyone to come down and bring your megaphones, banners and flags to cheer our Superheroes over the finish line!

For more information contact Kim Owens at or on 01932 567131.

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