A shock diagnosis led Peter to White Lodge, here the physiotherapy team have transformed his life and now during Lockdown Peter is achieving something amazing to help others 


Peter had a long and successful career as a pilot for 40 years. Once he reached 61 he started to feel a numbing in his left leg and began to feel more tired than usual and decided it was time to retire, he was 62 years old. It sadly took a while before Peter received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. His Physician recommended White Lodge to Peter as he felt our hydrotherapy pool would be really beneficial to his condition.  Peter started using our hydrotherapy pool in 2018, whilst here he discovered many other beneficial services like physiotherapy and cycling. Receiving multiple therapies at White Lodge has been life changing for Peter.

“White Lodge has quite simply transformed my life, the wonderful staff and the others you meet there really inspire you. I can’t speak highly enough of them, they are there for everyone no matter your age or ability, I really want to help them during this awful time” 

Now confined to a wheelchair and in lockdown like the rest of us, Peter hired one of our specialist bikes and is now being a Stay at Home Hero by challenging himself to cycle 100 miles to raise money for White Lodge with his arms and legs. This isn’t an easy task and he is currently averaging two miles a day every other day. He’s now nearly at a staggering 75 miles and has raised over £9,000, we couldn’t be prouder of him!

Sponsor Peter if you can and spur him on for the next 25 miles and £10,000!