Off to school for Holly

Holly was born at 26 weeks, she has cerebral palsy and joined our nursery in 2018 when she was 2 years and 10 months old.

She is such a happy little girl who really enjoys her time here. She uses a variety of equipment to allow her to access the nursery curriculum. She does however love time out from her equipment and will crawl around the nursery at 100 miles an hour!

Holly loves being around her peers whether that is with mainstream children or children with a disability. This is a real asset of our nursery as it allows all abilities to play and learn from each other.

She is now exceling in her literacy and numeracy skills and can count and speak about colours and shapes. She also loves role playing and has a great imagination.

Holly is weaker on her left side so can find some activities more challenging, but she is always encouraged to use both hands to enable her to build strength. Her passion is arts and crafts and messy play, she will regularly be covered in paint, mud, glue and other delightful substances, much to Mums horror!

Due to her progress Holly is leaving us this summer for a mainstream school, we will miss her greatly but are so proud of her progress and believe she will reach her full potential. Good luck Holly!