Jasons story in his own words

I am very happy to be part of the 60th anniversary of White Lodge. I have been coming to White Lodge since I was 6 months old, that’s about 52 years!

When I was born my parents felt very sad that I was disabled with Cerebral Palsy. They did not know what my future would hold, what to do or how to cope.

They met a special lady called Carol and started talking to her about all their fears and concerns. She offered them help and support and more cups of tea than they could drink!

Carol helped my parents get me into two schools and at 19 years of age, I moved to London and lived independently. This was made possible with all thanks to White Lodge.

Without all the early support from White Lodge, I would not be the happy independent person I am today, and without them, people would not know how to communicate with me. They supported me in every way and got a computer, and a letter/word board that made my communication very easy and independent.

Without all the support from White Lodge, I could never have lived independently in my own home by myself since I was 23.

No one will ever know how much that means to me. White lodge helped me to gain independence, and I thank them all the time for that.

Now as an adult my time at White Lodge is invaluable because they support me anytime I need them. It gives me a social life and I get to meet new people. I also like to help other disabled people and try to inspire them.

The adult classes that are run in the Rendezvous Hub help because they maintain independence, get people thinking and talking, teach us how to cook, create, exercise, make us feel part of life and give us a positive attitude.

Not enough places like White Lodge have the love and dedication to do what they do. I would be lost without them.

Therefore supporting White Lodge in any way you can is so important.