“Callie just loves life, despite all his disabilities – they just don’t bother him. He’s only interested in having a good time and enjoying himself for however long he has”

Lorraine (Callies Mum)

Callum (Callie) has been coming to White Lodge since a young child, he is now twenty years old. He is one of the bubbliest, happy and funny young people we have here at Rendezvous (our adult centre) and his positive attitude and smile is completely infectious. He has a massive personality and anyone who meets him very rarely forgets him.  He loves taking part in all the activities on offer, especially music and anything creative.

Callie and his sister Grace were born prematurely at 27.5 weeks.  Grace had no problems post birth but unfortunately Callie suffered some catastrophic brain bleeds that resulted in many problems.  

His many conditions include epilepsy, scoliosis of the spine, chronic lung disease and he has a peg to aid with oral feeds. He has also had rare form of cancer in 2019 and beat it. His family were told he wasn’t going to make it and given a life expectancy of just one year - but Callie had other ideas. Despite all the numerous challenges Callie has faced in his life you wouldn’t know it as he truly lives life to the full and is a complete ray of sunshine.

He has spent time in Treetops (our respite children’s home), youth clubs and now our much-loved adult services.  There are not many places for people with disabilities like Callie to access due to their conditions and confinement to wheelchairs, which makes his time at White Lodge even more vital and precious.

“When he comes home he is so happy after spending the day at White Lodge”

(Lorraine, Callies Mum)

“We love having Callie here, he is so much fun and always a joy to be around…he likes everything we do and everyone loves being around him. He just brightens my day”

(Sarah, Rendezvous Co-ordinator)

He simply loves life and thrives on social interaction and people, nothing stops him, he loves trampolining, swimming and ice skating, but mostly he loves his dogs and has an amazing bond with them.

“There are many challenges we have faced as a family, with a disabled child you have many doors shut in your face. The one thing I have taken away is that you simply do not give up, you are in a very different world but it’s not the end of the world. It can be hard work but it’s also very rewarding and you meet some fantastic people. Just remember “No” is not an option when it comes to the care of your child”

(Lorraine, Callies Mum)