"Without White Lodge I would be sitting at home, lost and wollowing in self pity.”

Just one moment changed Andrews life forever.

Andrew was a happy, lively teenager who developed a real obsession for motorbikes. Then in 1986, aged just 17, one moment changed his life forever. Whilst overtaking another motorcyclist at 40 mph a car pulled out in front of him and Andrew hit it head first. Miraculously, Andrew survived, thanks to his helmet, but he spent several months in rehabilitation. The trauma of his injuries not only caused multiple fractures in his skull and body but he suffered damage to his left side similar to a stroke. Andrew also subsequently developed seizures which he takes medication to control.

As a precaution he wears a helmet to protect his delicate head. With ongoing rehabilitation and support he learnt to walk again and live independently. He went on to study at University in Greenwich to study marketing. He also enjoyed a series of jobs including the Metropolitan Police, Moto, Marks & Spencer and Vauxhall. Andrew started coming here in September 2020 and now spends two full days enjoyng our adult Activities and once a week he receives physiotherapy from our specilaist physiotherapy and fitness services.

Andrew has a positive outlook on life and when asked does he regret what happened on that day in 1986 he just replied, “What’s the point, you can’t undo what’s been done so you just have to find a way to get on and make the best of things.”

In recent years Andrew’s mobility has deteriorated to the point where it was difficult to work and he now spends a lot of time in a wheelchair. His wife Marguerite was getting moving and handling advice from our Back care team and as Andrew mentioned he was bored wasting the day watching day time TV he was recommended to come and visit the White Lodge adult day care services.

In his own words:

“White Lodge has been brilliant. I felt lost after I stopped working and whilst my wife works I was just getting so bored with an increasing lack of motivation. At White Lodge I’ve found new friends and everyone is so upbeat. Whether I’m creating in the art studio, participating in a quiz or just chatting about life, it’s given me a real purpose."

Whilst I’ve got a wheelchair cycling machine at home and resistance bands, the weekly sessions with Jan at White Lodge help me hugely in stretching my muscles. I feel a huge benefit from it and has helped motivate me to one day being able to walk more like I used to.

I am hoping to strengthen my body enough to one day get more mobile again and also me and my wife would one day like to retire to Somerset, near my sister.

Please support this great charity and help change more lives as they are doing for me and my wife. It’s a real lifeline and it gives my wife great reassurance that I am in a safe place which in turn gives her a much needed break.”


Change a life now.