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We urgently need your support during this crisis

There are lots of heros out there right now. People helping us all get through this unprecedented emergency. Our public service heros are working tirelessly on the front-line to save lives, scientists and medics are advising us on how this virus can be beaten, politicians and law makers are trying to govern society to ensure as many of us are as safe as possible. It sure is a lot to take in!

The everyday person on the street is no longer on the street and is at home, this protects others. So we are all being heroes in some shape or form right now. Even if all we can do is stay at home, we are Stay at Home Heros.

Here at White Lodge we are still trying to continue to support people in any non-contact way we can, even if it’s just being at the end of a phone call. And behind the scenes we are working hard to ensure the sustainability of White Lodge, and we want all our services to be available for all still when it is safe to open again.

But our fundraising has taken a massive hit and we need some heroic support right now. So we are calling on our army of Stay at Home Heros to spread the word about White Lodge, have some fun and maybe even raise a few pennies for us. 

We all need some fun positive activities we can do and share right now!

One idea is the 26.2 Lockdown Challenge, an exciting initiative to replace the postponed London Marathon with a challenge to help us raise £26.2K (£26,200) over 26.2 days doing something 26 times or over 26.2 minutesPlease click here for some more information.

Alternatively, if you have a disability, you and some sidekicks could take on the 'At Home Superheroes' 20km challenge. This month long initiative runs until 15th July and is a replacement to the amazing all ability 'Super Hero Tri' event that normally takes place at Eton Dorney Lake. You can run it, wheel it, push it or complete it in any other way you like and you can do it in stages. What's more, you could even receive a gift pack of goodies courtesy of the event sponsor, Marvel (part of Disney!). Please click here for more information.

Why not set your own challenge and share it with your friends. Don’t forget to tag us as well

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If you need some ideas please download our fundraising ideas PDF.