“I’m doing 100 bounces a day” – Laurie

Simply get MOVING

Times are still challenging for so many and we are all experiencing our own individual struggles. We know that being outdoors, exercise and movement is beneficial for mental health by reducing anxiety and depression and by improving self-esteem. So this Easter we are encouraging everyone to simply get MOVING for our Easter Bunny Hop, a good way to feel better mentally, lose a few pounds and also raise a few pounds.

The pandemic often brought even further isolation and loneliness to people with disabilities so we adapted our services to ensure everyone still felt included, no matter what their situation. The situation has highlighted to us even more how essential our services are to so many lives.  This fun event is to help raise much needed ongoing funds for us to continue providing these vital services.

During the lead up to Easter Sunday we are challenging as many people as possible to get MOVING for our Easter Bunny Hop and help raise vital funds for White Lodge.

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